6th Graders Persevere

Morgan Evans, News

This school year has been off to a great start. With a new school comes new responsibilities for sixth graders. Sixth grader Elijah Cook enjoys middle school. He also said that his favorite class is art or computers. Montana Massey also likes middle school so far, she thinks it’s pretty different than elementary school, but she likes it. Montana misses elementary school a lot because it was easier homework, and she could see her friends more in elementary school. Elijah also misses it, but he thinks he might like middle school better. Both Elijah and Montana’s experience has been pretty good so far, with nice teachers and new lockers for their personal belongings. Elijah is also enjoying the experience of CMS,  but it’s a lot different than elementary due to the use of the lockers and rushing from class to class.  

Many new sixth graders are planning to participate in sports during their middle school years, including cross country, track, swimming, wrestling, and skiing, and when next year comes around even basketball, football, and volleyball. If you see any sixth graders in the halls be sure to say, Hello!