WANTED: Dead or Alive

Kash Merritt, Features Writer

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They’re in your pocket all day unless you follow the rules but then again who does! They are checked when the teacher isn’t around, and taken away if caught.  PHONES. Teachers all around the school are on the lookout for phones. Pockets cannot conceal them. But here’s the thing: should students be allowed to have phones during school?  Many students feel that the no phone rule is dumb, because they might need to call their parent during school, maybe there’s an emergency. They never know! Students could also goof off on their phones if they have them. There are just so many possibilities to have phones and not to have them.

Student Taylor Baggs had some things to say about the phone rule, he thinks that it’s a good rule because kids could be goofing off on them. He said, “If kids have their phones in class they could be saying that they’re using them for help, but they’re more than likely playing games.” He also stated, “I also feel if there is a phone ringing, teachers should not be able to open the locker and take it out. That is the student’s personal item, and in a way it’s stealing to me… in a way it is any way.”

Phones or no Phones!

Remember — they are wanted, Dead or Alive!